Social, health and community services supporting Cardinia Shire

Mental health

API (Accessible Psychological Interventions)
Flexible psychological services for people with mild-moderate mental illness.

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Better Place Australia

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Betterplace Australia
Free short-term psychological supports for Cardinia Shire residents. Talk to your GP for a referral, or call the Mental Health Intake Service Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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Compassionate Friends - Victoria Inc
24-hour grief support for families who have lost a child, grandparents or sibling.

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Aims to respond to mental health and wellbeing needs as a result of the stressors and concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out more visit

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EACH Central Intake Service
Assistance for people with severe mental illness

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Commonwealth Psychosocial Support is a short-term service to build psychosocial functional capacity to address individual needs and complement clinical mental health, broader physical health and social support.

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Community based support program to recover from mental illness.

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Have Hope
Food Relief provided on Friday. Send a text before 5pm Thursday. We aim to advance community welfare by providing food, goods, and emotional support to those who are suffering the effects of suicide, hardship and trauma.

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Headspace Pakenham offers young people 12-25 FREE mental health support & general health advice via a combination of in-person, online and phone services.

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Kids Helpline (24/7)
Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free (even from a mobile), confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

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Lifeline (24/7)
We are a national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services

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MHICC (Mental Health Integrated Complex Care)
Flexible support and clinical services for people with severe-complex mental illness.

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Mind Australia
Support clients through a comprehensive range of services.

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Monash Health
Psychiatric Triage Service. Entry point to mental health services.

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Outlook Community Centre
Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses

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Partners in Wellbeing

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South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network
SEMPHN's Access and Referral service have a range of qualifications and experiences in relation to mental health, alcohol and other drugs, youth and other community and health areas.

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StandBy Support after Suicide
An Australian Government initiative, established in 2002 to meet the need for a coordinated community response to suicide. StandBy is Australia’s leading suicide postvention program dedicated to assisting people and communities bereaved or impacted by suicide. StandBy is delivered by Jesuit Social Services throughout Eastern Melbourne and Gippsland and provides support for individuals, families, workplaces, and communities that have been affected by suicide.

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Suicide Line Victoria (24/7)
SuicideLine Victoria is a 24/7 telehealth provider that offers free professional phone and online counselling for people living in Victoria

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Engaging Families - Support for families experiencing family violence with children under the age of 12 and issues with mental health.

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WISE Employment
Disability Employment Services and job active employment programs.

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